Our Story

At Etherea, we like to describe ourselves as a hand-curated gallery of wearable art. Our ultimate goal is to connect emerging designers to sensible consumers seeking true exclusivity in their fashions.

In short, Etherea is not an open marketplace. We don’t offer products from just any maker, instead we choose which jewellery we present in our collections based on number of factors, main being quality and sustainability. We offer a meticulously curated selection of wearable art from small brands we believe in.

Olga Kouneni, the founder of Etherea Gallery, carefully handpicks jewellery from independent designers who she has personally built relationships with to offer you unrivalled jewellery buying experience. Each designer has a genuine story to tell and we tell those stories, giving each collection purpose and meaning.

We are dedicated to finding the perfect item for each and every customer, so that everyone who buys our designer jewellery feels they have bought something unique and truly special - even priceless.