Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

World Environment Day is just around the corner on June 5th. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to spotlight our eco-friendly packaging. Every day we are seeing the effects of climate change – whether it’s the wildfires in Australia or the damage caused to our oceans by micro-plastics. Protecting our planet involves all of us taking small proactive steps to become more sustainable.
For change to happen, brands and consumers have to work together. Whether it’s eco-friendly jewellery boxes or sustainable postal boxes, we can all play our part.

At Etherea, we’re leading by example with our eco-friendly and FSC certified packaging. Read on to find out more about World Environment Day and our sustainable packaging.

Eco-friendly jewellery packaging

World Environment Day 2021

Every year, the United Nations hosts World Environment Day on 5th June with a mission to reimagine, recreate, and restore the world. The goal is to revive and protect the ecosystems around us for the next generation. It highlights the damage caused to our ecosystems. Every year, over 4.7 million hectares of forests are lost. For perspective, that’s an area larger than Denmark.
You can find out more about World Environment Day by following the hashtags #GenerationRestoration and #WorldEnironmentDay on social media.

Our Sustainable Packaging

Protecting our planet and ecosystems involves making small but substantial changes to how we operate. At Etherea, we play our part by using eco-friendly packaging across our product ranges. The sustainable packaging that we use is FSC certified, meaning it’s the gold standard of environmentally conscious material.

FCS Certificate

You can spot an FSC certificate from the ‘tick tree’ logo. FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – is a global non-profit organisation that promotes responsible forestry. They certify forests across the world to ensure that they meet environmental and social standards that protect both ecosystems and local communities. 

We wanted to find sustainable packaging that gives you a luxury experience without harming the planet. Everything from our tissue paper to gift wrapping and display boxes is environmentally friendly. We choose our packaging to avoid unnecessary waste, using recycled and eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.

Our sturdy and practical postage boxes start your gift experience. FSC-certified cardboard is used for our postal boxes, meaning you can reuse them and that they don’t require additional products like tape.
When you open your Etherea box, you’ll notice the pop of colour from our rose-shade tissue paper. The tissue is FSC certified and chloride-free. The manufacturing methods offer better protection for the ecosystem and ensure an ethical production line.

At Etherea, our goal is to give you a luxury experience from start to finish – while doing our bit to protect our ecosystems.

Eco jewellery boxes

How You Can Continue the Cycle

You can keep our eco-friendly jewellery boxes to store your pieces to keep them safe and tarnish-free. Once you – or your loved one – has opened their gift, pop the paper into your recycling bin. If you’ve got a flair for creativity, you might find a fun way of reusing our packaging another way.

We’re proud of our sustainable packaging and strive to incorporate eco-friendly initiatives within our brand. There’s nothing more important than protecting our planet. We hope you’ll join us for World Environment Day by thinking of small changes you can make to become more sustainable.