Summer 2021 Jewellery Trends

Summer 2021 Jewellery Trends

Summer 2021 Jewellery Trends

Anyone would agree that it’s been quite a sad year for jewellery lovers but now, after over a year indoors, we can finally start showing off our favourite outfits again and matching them with the perfect accessories.

Summer is a great time to declutter our wardrobes and sort through the jewellery boxes. To help you look and feel at your absolute best, we are sharing with you the 5 biggest jewellery trends for this season.

Layer Them Up!

It’s no surprise chains and necklaces are set to be everywhere. From delicate and dainty to chunky and oversized, they can elevate any look.

Mix and match our chains and necklaces to create the ultimate layered necklace look that speaks for itself this season.

Prigipo Chains

Check out our selection of chains, necklaces and pendants perfect for layering


Chain Layering

Pair our Rosalia Chain Necklace with shorter Crescendo Charm Necklace and longer Crescendo Single Chain Necklace to achieve that perfect layered look


Necklace Stacking

Start with our elegant Thelma Chain Necklace and Louisa Chain Necklace and add other chains from our extensive collection

Nature’s Reign

Nature is by far the most important source of inspiration for all creatives and jewellery designers are no exception. Nature-inspired jewellery is currently a booming trend that will only continue to grow in the coming years, so jump on it and treat yourself to a pair of cute honey bee earrings or a charming olive leaf ring – we offer a beautiful range of designer jewellery inspired by nature.

Nature Inspired Jewellery

Go for the oversized Faith In a Seed Ring by Lefflow Art Studio and pair it with the Faith in a Seed Pendant for a strikingly unique look


Octapetalos Rodakas Ruby Ring

This playful solid 14k gold flower ring with natural ruby stone is shouting Summer!


Flower inspired ring

How about this nature-inspired minimalistic Geometric Flower Ring by Fey Papanikou?

Bold Gold

Summer is the best time to show off your jewellery, so let’s add a touch of gold to those long summer days (and nights)! From bold chain necklaces to chunky rings, gold is the way to go this season!

Oversized Gold Necklace

Shine like a star with this oversized necklace by Theodora D


Gold Filigree Necklace

This 14k Gold Filigree Chain Necklace features a statement ornate pendant that will emphasise your femininity and elegance


Oversized Gold Ring

Go bold with this oversized matte gold ring that is also available in polished gold and silver 

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

If you are wondering if a classic can be a trend, the answer is yes, absolutely. This season, the catwalks were obsessed with all things pearls – it’s fascinating how designers combine different techniques to reinvent traditional pearl jewellery into something contemporary and casual, like our favourite pearl earrings by Fey Papanikou.

Pearl Earrings

Charming and feminine, these Spring Flower Pearl Earrings are perfect for those who want to achieve an effortless elegant look

Stack You Rings!

Too many rings but not enough fingers? No problem as ring stacking is one hot trend that gives you the opportunity to express your individuality using a variety of metals, textures, and hues. Just like with necklace layering, rule number one to ring stacking is harmony, that is why it’s best to start your stacking journey with ring sets that complement each other perfectly.

Stacking Rings

These playful stacking rings are perfect to be worn alone or in combination with other stacking rings from this collection, providing you with plenty of combination options

Crawl and Climb

Ear climbers or ear crawlers trend has taken over the jewellery world years ago and is not going away any time soon. It's the easiest way to get the multiple piercings look without the pain and commitment. They come in different styles, from delicate and dainty to bold and oversized. So, if you are ready to stand out, climber earrings is what you need!

Ear climbers by Kotinos

Wear these solid 14K gold ear climber earrings to feel and look like an Ancient Greek goddess!


Ear crawlers

These unique ear climbers can be worn two ways: up as a crawler, as seen on the photo, or down for a more classic look


Chloe ear climbers

Handcrafted by Prigipo, these easy-to-wear Chloe Ear Climbers are a real eye-catcher. Pair them with Chloe Rings and create the perfect summer look